day three of 30 day shred. still chugging along.

i set my alarm for 4.57am. nice arbitrary number. as per usual i was up at about 4.30 but i managed to fall back asleep until the alarm went off. Young MC “bust a move” is my alarm ringtone. i’m thinking of changing it to Ton Loc “Funky Cold Medina”. it used to be Digable Planets but i don’t definitely don’t feel “cool like that” when i’m flopping around trying to do a proper pushup.

so yes. day 3. i was uber sore the night before but woke up feeling a bit better. i still opted to use 3 pound weights for the side lunge/front raise thing which was better. was a bit better with the pushups (still on my knees), lower on my lunges this time until my knee started to ache and then i modified it a bit. i also worked out on a mat which seemed to be better for my knee. tomorrow is day 4 and supposedly the hardest day in terms of soreness but i’m feeling fine. i may try doing some pushups on my toes tomorrow.

still feeling motivated. i wish the workout was a bit longer because i’m used to about 45 – 60 min every morning but i sweat my ass off like i’ve been working out for an hour so i guess it’s doing something.

walked slowly to work. made it in about 25 minutes so not as brisk as i would like but my calves (and now my thighs) are really sore. i wasn’t lugging around my hairdryer in my backpack this time so my load was a bit lighter but that didn’t make me any faster. we’ll try to go faster on our way home but it’ll be 30 degrees so i’m guessing i’ll be pretty grouchy. the brit tried to keep my mind off my pain by chatting about russian literature (as you do) during our walk. he’s such a nerd. i steered the conversation into the episode of “alias” we watched last night. it had russians in it so i thought it was a perfect transition. much better topic for me that early in the morning.

yesterday we walked around the city and ran some errands. on our way back, the brit decided to pop into hugo boss and i got really shitty with him because i was carrying an exercise mat, a big W bag and i was super stinky and sweaty from a brisk walk. add to that no makeup, cruddy running shoes and my dirty hair matted back in a clip – i looked like i spent the night in the doorway of hungry jacks. the sales lady kept looking at me every time i touched something. i wanted to try a dress on but i wasn’t sure if she’d let me. the brit decided to cheer me up by stopping at brunetti’s in city square. i got a vanilla custard pastry thing that was super yummy (there goes my clean eating!) but gave me a tummy ache for the rest of the day. that’ll learn me.

time to do some thanksgiving day menu planning. i have two. i’m doing thanksgiving at work for everyone on the actual day and then one for friends at ours on saturday. two turkeys! i’m going to attempt to dry brine both turkeys this year and i may even do a sweet potato casserole. stay tuned!


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