and it’s day four. easy peasy.

i smashed the workout this morning…doing girlie pushups. ha ha. my arms were pretty sore so i decided to wuss out (again). i walked faster this morning and it took us only 20 minutes to get to work. i felt bad cuz i told the brit that it was going to be quite cool today but it was still warm from last night and he was trying to keep up with me in a cashmere jumper. 

there’s a round of punches in one of the circuits and lately i’ve had to deal with the most tiresome woman ever at work. i pretend i’m hitting her face. i know it’s mean but it prevents me from doing it for real at work. i get all my aggression…and anticipated aggression out during my workout. sheesh, the longer this project goes i may need to do it more than once a day. i’ll have the 30 day shred done in a week! i’ll tell you more about her in a later post but she’s kind of up there with douchbag at the moment. it’s still early days and she can still redeem herself but it’s looking grim.

i find myself looking forward to the workout in the morning so i guess that’s a good thing. i’m glad it’s only ten days because i can see myself getting bored. i definitely like getting up at 5 instead of 4.30 now though i don’t want to get too used to it because i reckon i’ll go back to my one hour workout when this is all over.

it’s 7.30 and the brit is just leaving work now! loser! i left work at 4.30 to get my hair cut in collingwood and i expected dinner to be waiting when i got home because i couldn’t be bothered to cook. but no one was home. boo. thermomix to the rescue! i have some super tasty shredded beef tacos cooking right now. in two minutes they will be ready and hopefully the brit will be home not long after.

and there goes the annoying thermie timer. tacos done! time to go!


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