The American

the american.

in 2006 i moved to australia to be with the one i love – the brit (in case you couldn’t tell, he’s from london).

i’ve been here for over four years now. i love it so much i’m getting my permanent residency (though the word “permanent” really freaks me out).ย the metric system still shits me (that’s australian to say, btw) but i’m fully converted to A4 paper. every day is an adventure. come here often as i regale you with stories of me and the brit husband and our friends as we bumble our way (i do the bumbling, the others just laugh at me) through our antipodean adventure.

leave a comment. it makes me feel less lonely. if you’re a fellow blogger, send me a link and i’ll start reading. thanks for reading.


8 thoughts on “The American

  1. thanks guys!
    i love the husband’s accent but around these parts, i’m the one with the accent.
    love your blogs too (and the amazing displays of sisterly love). ๐Ÿ˜‰
    i read them first thing every day. i like to start the mornings with some humour.

  2. Love your blog and your witty personality. A fellow Filipino too ๐Ÿ˜€
    Love reading about the perspective from Melbourne…

    Cheers, from the American in Sydney….

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