the supporting cast

not to be confused with melbourne, florida,  i live here: (btw, it’s pronounce mel-bun, not mel-born)

and no, kangaroos are not grazing in our back garden. i wish. we live close to the Melbourne CBD where i work. in fact, i walk to work (most days). it only takes 15 minutes. i should do it more often but i don’t.  they have a saying here “four seasons in one day” or some shit like that. how original.  i think they say that in michigan and just about every other state on the east coast i’ve visited.  summers are hot and dry with the annoying flies that want to be your BFF for the entire time you’re outside.  winters are great but the brit tends to disagree. if you’re coming to visit australia, i suggest sept-nov or april-may.

characters in my life:
the Brit:
my husband and best friend.  originally from London (hence his nickname).  loves to iron and do the chores i detest which is why we are a match made in heaven.  knows that i am a complete princess and treats me like one even on the days when i don’t deserve it (but most of the time i do). has recently converted to doing grocery shopping online. despairs the fact that i watch judge judy but will watch project runway with me. my family loves him more than me. i’m still trying to work out how that happened.

the Kiwi:
originally from New Zealand. wellington to be more precise. the very first person i met when i moved here.  the Brit lived with him and the australian and then i moved in and we became a happy family.  he’ll watch crappy reality television with me.  when the brit and australian start talking about remote controls and speakers, the kiwi and i lose interest at the same time and roll our eyes.

the australian:
the second person i met when i moved here.  i’m still undecided about who’s nerdier – him or the Brit.  has more useless pop trivia in his head than me – and that’s ALOT.  whenever i hear a zero 7 song i think about him for some reason. i blame him for my addiction to kooka country cookies. he went to our wedding in london to represent the australian contingent. he ended up staying there for a while but now he’s back. the brit now has someone to talk about nerd things with.

the other asian:
the kiwi’s partner and more than that, a good friend. he lived with us for a few months when he moved from perth and believe it or not, we did not scare him away.  he understands my need to cook rice properly in a rice cooker and other asian quirks.

when i moved to australia, i didn’t think i would ever find friends i would love as much as my american friends. the kiwi, other asian and australian have proved me wrong.

usually abbreviated as DB. i can go on forever about him. i’ve posted about him a lot but the short explanation is that he’s the imbecile they hired at my old job to be my boss (a job i applied for). he’s inept, stupid and a goober. he’s the main reason why i eventually left.

super nice guy:
sometimes abbreviated as SNG. one of the designers at my old job and my confidante. hates DB as much as i do (he went for the job too but thought i would get it…as did everyone else). he is the nicest guy you’ll ever meet – until my bitterness rubbed off on him. now says the funniest things about DB in his emails to me about the old workplace.  his kid threw a toy train into his new plasma tv. he reminded every day of why i don’t like children.

the parentals:
my mom and dad. they are foreign and super catholic. a lot of things i say get lost in translation so having an engaging, fruitful conversation can be difficult but i miss them more than i thought i would. my mom always yells on the phone so i can hear her because i’m so far away in australia. sigh.


2 thoughts on “the supporting cast

  1. OMG… your description of your parentals cracks me up! I love the supporting cast… and your witty descriptions of everyone!

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