day 2.


it’s a public holiday today (cup day) so i had the pleasure of being to sleep in until 6am. still, i woke up at 4.30am and slept on and off until my alarm woke me up for real at 6.

i awoke feeling a little bit sore but nothing like i’ve read about. i think my baseline of fitness was maybe better than most so maybe that had something to do with it. i didn’t even attempt pushups on my toes this time. i’ll save those for another day when i’m feeling stronger. but for the most part i kept up with advanced girl natalie. i was a bit more sweaty than day one. the brit wouldn’t let me sit on the bed to take off my shoes until i took a shower.

i still find the front raise/side lunge thing the hardest thing. i’m fine with the side lunges but the front raise is killing me. i’m determined to not switch to lighter weights. i managed to do them all but i wanted to cry towards the end. it really hurt. and now my arms and shoulders hurt. and my calves are killing me. and i’m walking a bit funny.

i’m going try to keep moving today. no walking to work today so hopefully the brit and i will take a walk around the city. it’s s’posed to be lovely today. i think a walk will loosen my sore muscles up.

*****sidebar: i’m listening to the roots’  album ‘how i got over’. i’m loving it. i’d dance but i’m way too sore.****

so we have day off today and i wonder what the brit has in store for us. he already cleaned our windows outside in the dodgey laneway. sod that. i stayed indoors, felt sorry for my sore muscles, and played with my blog. he’s working out on the cross trainer now and i want him to finish soon. my breakfast isn’t going to cook itself, is it?

alright, time for me to do some online shopping. i checked my bank balances and i have 41 cents in one of my accounts but i don’t let trifling things like that stop me.


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