i’m missing the brit. big fat sad face. since we’ve been married, this is the longest we’ve been apart. how lame is that? and i’m lonely. however, with the brit being gone, i’m doing things that i can’t/won’t do when he’s home:

1. watch back to back episodes of judge judy

2. sleep diagonally in bed

3. use the dishwasher

4. NOT run for the tram and instead, wait for the next one (without complaining)

5. have popcorn for dinner

6. not make the bed.

so it’s not all that bad with the brit gone but i really do prefer him here with me.

i had my performance review today and my manager gave me the highest rating possible!! and we’re reshaping my role to be more of a creative value add role opposed to a “formatting monkey”. very exciting. he basically said that i was totally awesome and can do no wrong (i’m paraphrasing obviously that’s pretty much the gist of it). hence, the popcorn for dinner – celebration! 


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