jeezus, work has been insanely busy. not to mention a wonky wrist that makes stupid things like putting my key in the door hard to do. it hasn’t stopped me from working out every day but i’m thinking i should take a day off… bah.

my manager finally told me that he was retiring. 30 june is his last day. and he asked me if i was interested in being considered for his job. i said yes but i don’t know. he also asked the brit but i think he declined. said i was better for it. shit. i don’t know if i want to go through this competitive selection process…and in the end i don’t even know if i really want it. i just don’t want a douchbag to have it and be my manager. sigh. decisions.

sorry for the short post but i’m at the office and have actually do some work. here’s a work selfie for you.




One thought on “stuff

  1. Dear American,

    You seem to have stopped blogging. I really miss your blog. Please write something.


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