how much do you really love me?

Imagelately i’ve been testing the depth of the Brit’s love for me with situations such as:

would you still love me if i had massive moustache i refused to get rid off?

how ’bout if i had a tail?

how bout if i had a club foot and a moustache?

and so on…

Of course the Brit answered “YES” to all of those questions albeit hesitantly, especially when it involve a copious amount of facial hair.

the first week back from work was hard. serious bread withdrawals. i kind of started my fodmap/paleo diet and i have to say i’ve noticed an improvement in my tummy. although….last night i had a pizza and i’m paying the price this morning. so i guess there’s something to it. i’m having a hard time adjusting to no onions and garlic since i use them in everything i make but it’s okay. i’ve been learning a lot about other spices. i’ll try to be more strict this week. i’ve been drinking bone broth every night and it really helps. i’ll need to start roasting a lot more chickens so i can make broth.

I worked out every day during the working to week to jillian michaels so i’ve been good. i managed to lose the 2kg i gained from my daily pannetone/cooked breakfast regime. my wrist has been hurting and web md says i have wrist tendonitis. it feels horrible. it actually feels better after i work out and knock out a few push ups but it’s very painful in the morning when i wake up and it starts to stiffen up at the end of the night. sucks. i’m hoping it’ll go away or get better but it seems to be getting worse. this morning is bad but it’s my day off from working out so it may just be a bit stiff. i’m going to try yoga later this arvo to see if it helps.

work has been pretty quiet this week which is to be expected the first week after the holiday. we went out to lunch yesterday at ichi ichi ku and split two bottles of wine between four of us. i was pretty tipsy when we got back to the office and i almost fell over in my manager’s office when i was presenting my concept designs to him for an upcoming project. i don’t know if he noticed it … if he did, he would’ve just written it off as general clumsiness –  monday i walked into his door – so you can see what i mean. 

well, time to get the morning started. i woke up at 9am and felt like half my day was gone. i was sooo grouchy. i have to write out my birthday wish list for the Brit (though he didn’t ask for it.) 🙂



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