Imagei worked out with jillian this morning but i was a able to cope more this time because i was listening to NWA on my ipod. it kept me motivated…but i kept missing her cues so i don’t think it’ll work. i need jillian to yell at me so i know what i’m doing. 

my birthday is in a month and the brit is asking me what i want to do. i don’t think i want to do anything but that may change. maybe a brunch at cumulus and then a nice quiet one. i’m hoping the brit will get me my chanel bag but i highly doubt it. we stopped in chanel yesterday after a lovely lunch at chin chin so i can confirm the bag that i want and i gawked at it for a while before leaving.  

not sure what’s happening now with our overseas trip this year. the brit’s sister is getting married so that’s the main reason we’re going but she doesn’t know when or where now and i don’t know if i’ll be able to go if it’s in june which is one of the months she’s thinking about. it puts a damper on our overall holiday plans if the brit has to go over early or by himself. the original date we were planning for was a 31 july wedding in antigua so we were going to take five weeks off total starting at the end of july. now it seems that it will be in essex or brighton or somewhere in or around london and it could be in june, july or whenever. i won’t be able to take time off work until after the end of june/beginning of july so i’m hoping it’s not a june wedding. i’d hate to miss it and i hate travelling on long haul flights by myself.

well, the brit is done working out which means it’s time to start doing “stuff” today. we’re taking our tree down and i need to write out a meal plan for the week. i’m starting a low fodmap/paleo diet on monday to see if that helps improve my tummy. the brit suggested laying off the bread which i’ve eaten every day since christmas. yeah, yeah, he’s probably right. i’m off to google fodmap themomix to see what i can find. the brit mentioned something about getting some crepes. sigh. monday…. 


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