happy new year.


this is how i started my 2014. jillian michaels is more bad ass in ripped than in shred. i kind of need the kick in the butt especially after all the kilos of food i’ve consumed since christmas. i weighed myself and felt sad. back to meal planning. i got a bit slack with my eating towards the end of the year. i’ve started my food journal again. i want to figure out my tummy this year and what makes it hurt and/or bloated. it all happens so randomly.

our NYE celebration was quiet and it was perfect. it was just the two of us – the brit and i. i made a roast and a rocket salad and we had a nice bottle of red and we watched movies. we stayed up til midnight…i fell asleep to the sound of the fireworks and awoke to the sound of revelry and vomiting outside. ha ha. i’m glad it’s supposed to rain today. the streets need a good wash.

i started watching gossip girl. the brit got me the complete box set for christmas. i watched two episodes yesterday but could easily have watched about ten of them in a row. i’m hooked. i think i know what i’ll be doing for the rest of the week!

well, happy new year ya’ll. i can’t wait to get back to america this year. i’m already planning our cross country drive from san fran to detroit. yee haw!




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