thoughts on 2013 and beyond



the title of my post is pretty trekkie-esue…We’ve been watching a lot of star trek lately. i mean a lot. it all started when we decided to rent the latest two star trek movies (star trek and into darkness). and then i wanted to know more. so we watched wrath of khan (what’s up with ricardo montebaln’s chest btw? totally distracting…in a creepy sort of way), and then the voyage home and i have all the rest of the movies queued up on netflix. what the hell? weird. the old movies are kind of crap but interesting to watch nonetheless. i don’t think i can go back and watch the actual series. i draw the line at the movies.

i’m totally getting into my kindle. i created an amazon us account so i can use the lending library and i borrowed my first book and read it in a day. it was sooo good…kind of trashy but good. it’s the breathing series (reason to breath, barely breathing, out of breath) by rebecca donovan. right up my alley: cute boy in love with damaged girl, check; high school drama; check. i can’t wait to read the last two…except i can only borrow one book a month so i have to wait before i can get the second one. a nice easy read – perfect for the holiday. 

today is the last day of 2013. jeezus, this year has flown by. it’s been a great year. i accomplished things that i didn’t think would ever happen (like fitting into my skinny jeans again) and the turn of events at the end of this year has me looking at 2014 with a great deal of trepidation and eagerness (my manager retiring mid year).

the last days of 2013 have been spent with my favourite person ever (the Brit, of course!). we went to gold class yesterday to see the hobbit. i liked it but i dozed off towards the end…i had my chair reclined a bit too much and i had a mai tai during the movie (which started at 10am!). after a bad few days of eating (and tummy aches) and not working out since christmas, i started training again in earnest on monday. i started Jillian Michaels’ Ripped in 30 workout and it’s really hard (in a good way). it’s available on the Xbox Fitness app on our Xbox One and it works with the kinect and tracks your heart rate and movements and gives you challenges. i really like it. while i have the DVD, i may continue to just do it on the Xbox. It’s so good. Even the Brit thought he’d try it and he was really hurting toward the end. “longest 20 minutes of my life” he said. ha ha. and he’s going to do it again today!  So i’m on Day 2 of her program and i’m feeling it way more than i did with her shred.

so i guess looking towards 2014 – these are my goals:

1. write more on my blog (at least twice a week)

2. be able to do 10 pushups on my toes

3. six pack abs (we’ll make this one a stretch goal, ha ha) 

4. save at least $1000 a month (sorry retail industry)

5. read two books a month

6. get my chanel bag (which may very well negate goal #4)

7. keep my closet clean for at least a week

everything is attainable (except maybe the six pack) and sensible (except maybe the chanel bag), but i’m going to try.


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