happy holidays

we had a brilliant day. i got spoiled yet again by the Brit (more on that later), but more importantly, we spent the day with our australian family. They make the holiday so much better.

i spent all of Boxing Day with a food hangover. i tried to apply the “hair of the dog” remedy to a FOOD hangover but it didn’t quite work. the good news is that we hardly have any leftovers!

Christmas Day nibbles:
dutch almond baby (it’s a giant pancake)
dates stuffed with manchego and wrapped in bacon
homemade cinnamon raisin bread
Israeli couscous and chickpea salad
curried egg salad
baked ricotta
girdle buster pie (with homemade coffee ice cream!)
mini beef wellingtons
maple glazed ham
basque gateau (basically an almond custard tart)
lots of champagne, beer, wine and more treats that others brought!
It was a feast!

Christmas Booty
i had a good haul. it’s nice that both the Brit and I ignore each other’s wishes to not buy big gifts for each other. i only got the Brit 3 things- a nexus 7 tablet (4 if you want to count the screen protector), a dvd of joss whedon’s much ado about nothiing, and a voucher to commission a pair of custom made shoes from this place. i’m pretty proud of the last gift. the brit loves his shoes. he looked pretty chuffed. he’s been on the website and said he’ll probably get a bag made too.

the Brit, as usual, got me too many pressies (i’m not complaining though!) the best gift is my new kindle fire hdx…though the Brit says i have too many devices now. i also got a nice big lululemon gift voucher, forza 5 for box one, professor layton for my nintendo 3ds, books, blu rays and dvds galore. my secret santa got me a lovely wooden box that holds two decks of playing cards and an itunes voucher. i feel so loved.

i intended to get back to my fitness regime the day after Boxing Day but i woke up that day with a horrible sore throat, runny nose and general crappiness so i stayed firmly rooted to the sofa. last night i broke out in cold sweats which sucked but woke up this morning feeling a bit better. so i think i won’t start jillian michaels til monday. im getting antsy. i can feel the christmas ham settling in my thighs. but another day of rest today and tomorrow we’ll go on a walk and back to normal on monday i hope.

i had the brit take these pictures to send to my mom but then i discovered that my mom doesnt like my hair up. she calls it punky, or funky. not sure which one she means. she says ‘prench pries’ (french fries) and ‘peebur’ (fever). i’m pretty sure there is an “f” in the tagalog alphabet…whatever the case, she doesn’t like the look (even though I didn’t do a full on faux hawk this time), be it funky or punky, so i’ll share them with you! peace and love!




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