I’ve eaten an inordinate amount of ham, bacon, cheesy things, sugar and bread the past few days. It all started on Thursday when I volunteered to cook a traditional thanksgiving for work folk. A mere 50 people. And then we had our family thanksgiving on Saturday. And there was no 30 day shred to be seen. Sunday we could barely move…we were so hungover and I took today off because I felt run down. I’m working out tomorrow come hell or high water. I’m on level 3… I did the first day but I’ll do it for ten days and won’t count that first day. Once the ten days are done, I may go back and do it (the entire 30 day shred) again just to see how fit I am. I mean, I can do push-ups on my toes now!

Busy at work and grappling with how to approach my manager about his retiring next year. I’m either going to throw myself at his feet and beg him not to go … or ask him if I’m good enough to have his job. Ha ha. I don’t think I want his job. We’ll see but next year will be interesting…


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