day 6,7 & 8 and other happenings all rolled into one post.

i was a good girl and worked out both weekend days. now weekends are usually my naughty days where i eat what i want and sloth around so this was a pretty drastic change for me. but i got through it! we even walked to south melbourne market on sunday to do our shopping.

today was day 8. only two more days before my rest day. it’s actually quite easy now…aside from those pushups, dag nabbit! i’ve developed a nice bicep muscle though. the brit reckons that i’ll be kicking his ass soon. 

i am proud of myself because i walked home. the brit was working a bit late so he told me to go on ahead. when i got outside it was windy and rainy and cold and i contemplated taking the tram home but decided to walk instead! i stared longingly at each tram that passed me by but i soldiered on and made it home in record time! i always think the best workout is the one you don’t want to do. i’m going to tell the brit all about it when he gets home and maybe i’ll get a prize!

so today at work was a pretty quiet day. i had my performance review and got top marks again. it’s a bit of a bummer though because an email came out from our managing director saying that there’d be no pay rises this year. boo. i’m so sad. i’m sure i’ll get a nice bonus but i was hoping for more. i tried not to look disappointed in my review. i wasn’t as chatty as i normally am. and then i spent the day playing “pretend-friends” with Drain-o. she was being a drainer (again) and i had to bite my tongue so many times. on the phone with her i’m like “yep, yep, yep. no problem. happy to help.” but in my head i’m singing “you’re an idiot. la la la la la!” because she is.

so i guess it’s time i motivate and make some dinner or something domestic. i tried to do my own laundry yesterday and left a tissue in the pocket of my jacket. fail. why can’t my laundry do itself??


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