Day 5, halfway through level 1!

i actually woke up earlier than the alarm because i couldn’t wait to work out! or maybe i couldn’t wait to get it over with. who knows. i weighed myself and i haven’t lost. i actually gained about 300 grams. i freaked and tried on my benchmark “skinny dress” and it’s actually a bit looser. the brit was all like “you’re nuts. i told you not to weigh yourself.” yeah yeah. he’s so wise.

i think i’m going to try to do level one in ten straight days and take my rest day before starting level 2. i’m on a roll.

the annoying lady at work who i mentioned in my last post was doing my head in all day. my team calls her “MC Hammer” because she smashes anything creative we try to do with her stupid ideas. seriously, i don’t care what you want. just tell me. don’t be all like “you can do whatever you want. i’m easy” <—(red flag). and then when i do something be like “no. do it this way.” but that’s not the part that really annoys me. she either starts or ends everything with “i’m not a designer but…” augh. just shut up and tell me what you want so i can do it. i hate all this play-acting like it’s a collaborative effort when it’s not. i don’t have time for this shit. i’m going to call her Drain-o because she’s a fucking drainer. by the time i was done with her, i was completely wiped out and couldn’t do anything else i wanted to get done today. “well i’m not a fucking designer either so i’m going to use the wingdings font for your entire document” she can put that in her pipe and smoke it. fucking drainer. (i didn’t use wingdings. i wanted to though. i SO wanted to.)  why does fate dictate that i have some form of douchbag at some point in my working life? seriously!? i need to burn some sage and do some chanting up in here because i’m getting all aggro.


it’s friday. faux hawk day. a couple pictures for you. it’s a bit messy now after a full day of dealing with Drain-o and walking home 2.5km in the drizzle. don’t make fun of my nerd glasses. i’m blind without them.



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