ho hum. i’m bored. and i’ve also been very absent. slap on wrist. apology. moving on.

not much has really happened since i’ve been away. we moved! we’re officially city dwellers. smack dab in the CBD. i freakin’ love it. i do miss walking by the dog park on my way to the organic shop. but there are so many things in the city. it’s dangerous. brunetti, lord of the fries, and little cupcakes are so close to us, that it’s almost okay for me to pop out in my pyjamas and pick up a little treat. running errands is so easy. we’re exploring parts of the city we’ve never been to before.

speaking of which, we somehow ended up in the basement of melbourne central. they whole floor smelled like squid jerky (or whatever cured seafood item was on special at the jerky shop) and it was full of asian clothing shops…and asians. i got panicky. i looked at the brit and was like “can you still see me or do i blend in with the rest???” we won’t be going back there…unless i need some shark jerky.

anyway, work has been super busy. i’ve been working non-stop and i better get recognised for it at the end of the year or i’ll cry. all of this hard work (and winning work, at that) can’t be for nothing. i have a new chanel bag bookmarked for myself next year and it ain’t gonna pay for itself (neither will the brit….i tried puppy dog eyes and everything!).

my hair is still short. some days i wear it in a faux hawk. it’s a cross between miley cyrus and cameron diaz a la “there’s something about mary”. i’m hoping more the former than the latter but it does confuse some of the old fogies at work. for the most part though, everyone loves it.

getting to the title of this post… i’ve been on this fitness bandwagon since about january and instead of waning (as most obsessions do for me…except quilting), i think i’m even more obsessed. today, i started jillian michaels’ 30 day shred. it’s a ~20 minute circuit workout with three levels – you do level 1 for 10 days, level 2 for 10 days and level 3 for 10 days. by the end i hope to be a bit more toned and to be strong enough to do “proper” pushups (ie not the girlie kind on my knees). jillian michaels is the michelle bridges equivalent in america. i ordered the video on amazon uk for 4 quid. it hasn’t arrived yet but her level 1 is on youtube so i thought i’d start. i also thought i’d post my daily updates on here because it keeps me accountable and it gives me something to write about. so here goes.


i woke up at 4.55am which is great because normally i get up at 4.30 to work out. the exra 25 minutes had the opposite effect though and i felt groggy. i also spent ten minutes putting on my shoes…definitely stalling. i actually watched the video on youtube first so i knew what to expect. i used 5lb weights.

the warm up had hip gyrations and arm swings and who the hell does jumping jacks to warm up? oh well. i was having flashbacks of soccer pre-game warmups in high school with our coach from the basque region of spain. he had us jumping and swinging our arms in circles. we looked like a flock of whooping cranes. the other teams looked at us like we were on drugs. but we were state champs that year. and the year after. maybe he knew what he was doing. or we had to compensate for looking like idiots. but i digress.

the warmup was really quick then there was some jumping jacks. and then there was jumprope type moves. then squats with overhead presses. then pushups. then sit ups. then jumping jacks. then squats with overhead presses. then lunges with bicep curls. then running in place. then overhead presses. then jumping jacks. then pushups. then crunches. then i wanted to vomit. then more running in place. then more pushups. repeat.

not in that order. i think i wanted to vomit more towards the end. i probably should’ve followed anita the chick on the right who does modified versions of the exercises but i wanted to be hard core and follow natalie who did all the advanced moves. i only followed anita for the girlie pushups. dammit. i managed to do two on my toes and then had to drop to my knees. sorry natalie. sad face. but it’s only day one.

at the end I was sweating like a mofo but i found the workout pretty easy…yeah i know, i’ll TRY to do proper pushups tomorrow.

i’m feeling the workout but i’m not super sore. after i worked out, the brit and i walked 2km to work (we also walk home). i had a back pack filled with clothes, shoes and a hairdryer (in case i wanted to do faux hawk) and we walk pretty fast so i could be sore from that. but i’m not walking funny or anything like that. i just feel like i worked out. maybe tomorrow i’ll be sore.

my plan is to work out at least 6 days a week. i want to get most of this done before thanksgiving where i stuff my gob with all sorts of things that are unhealthy. my stomach is hurting just thinking about it…

tune in tomorrow for day 2.


by the time i finished fiddling with my blog, wouldn’t you know it… day 2 has arrived. so there will be a second past coming soon.


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