it pretty much rained the entire weekend so we stayed in and mooched around the house. but now it’s nice and sunny so we’re going to… mooch around the house. ha ha. i went out first thing yesterday to get a haircut and then to the organic grocer on smith street to pick up some weekly supplies. all the weirdos on the 86 tram were on full display that morning. i sat next to an interesting couple. he kept talking about bashing someone’s skull in with a beer bottle. classy. it was grey and rainy but i put my sunnies on to avoid eye contact with the locals.

i was actually quite productive when i got home – i finally finished that freelance job. it’s been an albatross around my neck and as i type this, it’s sending to the client. i got it done just in time too because it’s going to start getting very busy at work. i just issued the writing plan for a massive project and it’s going to be full on. the project itself will be okay but we have about three other things going on at the same time so it’ll be crazy. i thrive on crazy (keep your comments to yourself). still, i don’t foresee many late nights or anything like that. maybe one or two towards the finish but that’s not bad considering how it used to be where i worked before.

the brit installed windows 8 and office 2013 on our mac and i have to admit i do like it way better than the mac operating system. when i boot up our computer, i choose to go windows about 80% of the time. it’s really fast and nice to look at. plus, we have creative suite 6 on the windows partition. we kept CS5 on the mac side so i can still do work stuff from home so that’s the only time i’m on the mac side.

i managed to get up at 4.30am every day last week and work out. applause! it’s really paid off though. i feel better and i like getting it out of the way. i didn’t think i could do it. especially after feeling extra shitty on monday – tired, headache-y and all sorts of grumpy. but i got through it and by friday i was waking up before the alarm. that being said, i’m dreading getting up tomorrow. but i’ll do it. 

life with my thermie (thermomix) has been great. yesterday, besides the popcorn bread, i made orange marmalad and doro wat (ethiopian chicken stew). today i’m going to make coconut yogurt. i still haven’t decided what i’m doing for dinner but i might try to do a different bread after i’m done with the yogurt. 

well, i guess time for me to motivate and do something with myself. maybe i’ll go for a walk since i didn’t make my weekly shopping run to piedemontes. maybe i can convince the brit to come with me. i’d have to make it worth his while – like a trip into the city to JB Hi Fi or to the nerdy audio visual shop on lygon street. hmm, maybe i’ll leave him at home. 


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