new toys.

a couple of weeks ago, i got myself a thermomix. the lady came by on thursday to deliver it and show me how to use it. i’ve been to a demo before so i knew how good it was. so now it’s taking up some real estate on our bench.


im a bit frightened of it to be honest. last night i made a cauliflower soup which wasn’t great (but still good)…but that was my fault. tonight i’m going to make a spicy bbq chicken dish with it. and i have plans for coconut yoghurt, almond butter, coconut milk, milling my own flour….

in other news, life has been busy. the brit had a big project which finished last week and i feel like we’re back to normal. i’m still working out five days for an hour however i took the past few days off. my tummy has been playing up and i’m not sure of the cause. i listed the possible culprits as skinny milk, non organic walnuts and processed sugars which were introduced last week after being so good. that’ll learn me. i started feeling better yesterday. i’m going to start taking a probiotic to see if it helps me.

im supposed to be freelancing today but the brit has commandeered the compooter trying to install some thing so we can run two operating systems on it. very nerdy. i have no idea except that i had to put stupid mountain lion on it which took ages to download and has taken out a huge chunk of our monthly usage. ill have to limit how many pygmy goat you tube videos i watch until the reset.

ooh, i need to buy an old lady trolley to haul my shopping from piedemontes every saturday. do they sell stylish ones?


2 thoughts on “new toys.

  1. I gave an old-lady trolley away to a charity shop when we moved: if only I’d known!

  2. we looked at ones at big w but the brit said the wheels weren’t robust enough. we did see two hipsters with them so i felt a bit better about buying one…but i still feel lame.

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