it’s called procrASStination

i’ve been up since four. i couldn’t sleep. i had my hair cut last night


and the little hairs were making me itch. i should’ve showered when i got home. and now they’re all over the bed. the good news is that i found THE hairdresser in some little inconspicuous place on smith street in collingwood. the guys there were totally cool. it feels so good to have short hair again. my longish hair was really getting on my nerves. plus, finding strands of it everywhere made me think i was balding. not good.

so anyway, i was up at four. i couldn’t sleep. it’s 9am now and i’m really tired but i’m supposed to be working today. i have a massive freelance project. no deadline on it really but i don’t like a 400 page document hanging over my head. but you see, i have zero motivation. nada. zilch. i opened up InDesign and then stared at the page, and then watched this.

(i love this movie)

i think maybe i should try to take a nap before jumping into work. or convince the Brit that i need breakfast. something needs to happen.

one of my best friends from america and his wife are coming to melbourne next week and i am beyond excited. we’re taking them to phillip island to see some penguins on friday. while we’re there, we’ll pet some wallabies and kangaroos. its looking like no rain so its gonna be great.


it’s 10 o clock now. i’m having a hard time focusing on one thing. can you develop ADD as an adult? i’ve turned off the computer for now. i said to the brit “its really slow so i better shut it off for an hour or two to let it rest” even the brit thought that was a weak excuse but he’s not gonna say anything.


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