so yesterday, the brit and i rushed into the city, waited for a million years at Lord of the Fries for food, gulped down some tasty chips and fake chicken nuggets and got to the arts centre in time for the brit to check our tickets and realise that the play is 16 MARCH. i had to laugh. so we had the afternoon free. we wandered around the city for a bit but i was depressed that i couldn’t buy anything (saving money, see?) so we went home and watched battleship. it didn’t seem like an equal trade off – shakespeare for a dodgy liam neeson movie but i didn’t fall asleep during it so that says something.

today i have no idea what we’re doing but it’s s’posed to be hot which means i can get grouchy if i’m out for too long. i think we have to take a walk down brunswick street to pick up some coffee and brussels sprouts but i’m hoping to stay in air conditioning for most of it.


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