bueller? bueller?

anyone still reading? i know i’ve been so bad at updating lately. things like life get in the way… or wait, it’s not really life but laziness. and lack of news. lack of anything remotely interesting. life is pretty boring at the moment.

i’ve gone vegetarian during the week. even the brit. crazy, eh? it’s awesome. i’m trying to eat more raw food too. and i’ve almost cut sugar out completely. i’ve also been working out five days a week for the past month. i feel great. never felt better. i don’t know what demon force possessed me to go on this current health kick but i hope it sticks. it helps that everyone at work is into being fit. the change in diet has resulted in less crampiness each month which is a bonus. the brit is freaking out because i’ve been focused on weighing myself and weight loss and he’s afraid that i’m revisiting the dark days of anorexia where i weighed like 10lbs. that was a way long time ago though and i have to keep reassuring him that i have it under control in my head. i hope i do. i think i do. i’m in a better place than i was 10 years ago. 

i attended a thermomix demonstration a couple weeks back and i’ve been trying to talk myself out of buying one. i’m almost there i think. i’m going to invest in a food dehydrator and juicer instead. any opinions out there? i know i’m supposed to be saving for school. bah.

my phone broke so i went to the dark side and got a new android phone. i didn’t want to get an iphone even though i have an ipad and work on a mac. i’ve been a bit anti-apple lately. dunno why. i just like the little android guy and the names of their operating systems – jellybean, ice cream sandwich, gingerbread, etc. it makes me happy. so far so good. at the shop, the brit was eyeing a big button telephone made for old people with bad eyesight. i told him i wouldn’t be seen with him if he had that phone. i was the same way when my sister pulled out her eighties brick phone (with antenna) when we were at a starbucks. i was like “um, i’ll be outside. meet me when you’ve returned to the 21st century.” i guess i shouldn’t be too hard on her. she lives in the country. 

work is great. i had my advanced InDesign training course the other day. i was the only one in the class so it was awesome. i learned some really cool things. i told my instructor that i was taking Flash courses in May and he recommended that i swap them for Dreamweaver because Flash is going to be obsolete… i thought dreamweaver was only for web design but now i don’t know. does anyone know?

shit, i have to go. i just looked at the time. we’re going to the arts centre to watch bell shakespeare do Henry the Fourth. snooze time for me. the brit is excited. at least one of us is. 


4 thoughts on “bueller? bueller?

  1. Yeah Flash is slowly being replaced with HTML5, which doesn’t need a plugin to work and will thus work on an iPad!

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