things i should be doing instead of blogging.

the list grows but at the top is cleaning the closet. i promise i’ll do it when i’m done with this. promise.

we’ve been back at work for two full weeks and we’re well and truly over the christmas holiday and back into it. i am super happy to be back. it’s weird for me to work with people i actually like and that i consider friends (you know, i like to hang with them outside of work). i’ve come a long way from the days of working with the likes of douchbag and hal. 

yesterday, the brit and i decided to go to ikea to get one of my bday presents early – a big mirror. can you believe i’ve gone without for over six years? well, maybe some of you can believe it based on some of the outfits i’ve put together in the past. where the hell does the 109 tram go to? i thought the 86 was dodgy but man, there were some weirdos on our ikea tram. it was a smorgasbord of derelicts, i don’t even know where to begin. i do know that between them, they still had less teeth than a two year old. i was relieved when we got to our destination – the big blue hell known as Ikea. i actually think that Ikea on saturday is the fifth circle of hell. especially that bit with all the toys because i think that’s the dumping ground for dads who don’t know what to do with they super hyped up children while they wait for their wives. the brit and i went straight to the marketplace because i wanted “look around” for ambiguous  storage stuff”. as we were wandering, we passed an asian girl and her white boyfriend arguing. he was all like “i just don’t get why we need this shelving unit. we haven’t measured it or anything.” and she was getting all sniffly and teary. i nudged the brit and he knew that if we stayed longer, that would be us so we high tailed it out of there and to the warehouse to pick up the mirror. so now i have a mirror and i can see my feet! i’m going to buy a new pair of shoes to celebrate! oh wait… maybe not. i have “responsibilities” now like school. 

speaking of school, i haven’t enrolled quite yet. i’m hoping for maybe may but we’ll see. the brit and i are negotiating on the terms. literally. like “saving.” what does he really mean? i can’t buy anything? there goes my will to live. for real. a girl needs a new pair of shoes now and again. thankfully, the brit knows me and suggested that i live on a budget. ugh, the nasty “b” word. so i will try. that’s a goal for 2013. it shouldn’t be that hard, right? i just wrote out mu budget for the month …. and when i added it up, my expenses left me with $100 so i had to decrease the “fun stuff” category by a few hundred and totally eliminate the “shoes” category. meh. it’s depressing. 

and another goal for 2013 is to get on top of my diet and exercise and hopefully figure out a cure for my horrible monthly cramping (sorry for the tmi) because the surgery hasn’t alleviated it. i think it’s mostly diet related but the exercise is mainly because i’ve been feeling like a lump lately. i’m not going all crazy on the elimination diet thing – i’m eliminating/limiting fructose, most dairy, white rice (actually anything white/bleached), and gluten – things that i know make me feel yucky. and working out everyday for 45 minutes mon-fri. i feel so much better. i miss working out everyday. i am also limiting my meat intake to the weekends (organic only) and eating nothing but veggies, brown rice, beans and lentils during the week. i’m also trying to eat raw when i can. i found a great recipe for raw brownies. it contains fructose (dates) so it’s not an everyday thing but it’s good for the weekends. weekends are my fruit days so i’m allowed a bit of fructose then. i’m anxious to see if i run into tummy/cramping issues next month. this month was especially bad (like doubled over at my desk bad) but i chalk that up to eating nothing but shit food during the holiday break. i’ll have my cheat days – like my birthday. i’m not going to be a nazi about it. my apologies ahead of time if this starts to become a food blog but i need to record what i’m eating somewhere so i’m held accountable. the brit’s no good. he doesn’t like telling me what to do. probably because i get all shitty with him when he tells me what to do. 

i’m tempted to cut all my hair off again. pixie cut! opinions anyone? the brit likes me better with short hair so he’s all for it. my only thing is that my parents are due to visit this year, and my mom hates my hair short. it reminds her of lesbians (yeah, don’t ask. her words. she’s foreign). i had plans to grow it out but it’s really starting to annoy me, especially with the hot weather. i’m going to try to hold out for the year but i don’t know if i’ll last that long. 

btw, i watered steve the plant. i may be too late. i’m telling you he doesn’t like my water so it better rain soon. totally not my fault.

okay. closet time. the brit will be so happy once it’s done because my clothes pile is encroaching on his super organised side. it’s making him uncomfortable and kinda grouchy.


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