random bits and pieces.

i had my own little geeky “high fidelity” moment today I rearranged all of our books and I feel much better about them. the arrangement is logical now. Ted Hughes is next to Sylvia Plath, Calvino next to primo levi, Evelyn Waugh next to Mitford, and so on. I was sad to see that I lost my copy of crime and punishment so that’s added to the list of stuff to buy. I spent the entire day on it. when I was done, we watched “on the waterfront” which I loved. I didn’t think I’d like it because I have such an aversion to Marlon Brando.

I just had a look at our diary and we have shit to do every weekend until Christmas. I don’t think Thanksgiving is happening this year. I’ll make a decision this week but I dunno. work is supposed to get super busy again too and I don’t know if I want the added pressure of brining a turkey.

I have the day off tomorrow and I foresee a lot nervous watching of the electoral map as the election results start to tally up. if Romney wins, I’m going to start telling people her and on our travels around the world that I’m Canadian. it’ll be like the bush years again. I sent my ballot last week. fingers crossed.

well, we’ve been in our new place for over a month now and we’re still unpacking crap. we’re also buying a lot of shit for the house. some of it ordinary (ikea crap) and some of it lovely (new crockery from mud). the Brit has his “man cave” set up with little stereo, iron and ironing board (ha!). my sewing room is slowly taking shape. I think by December we’ll be sorted.

oh, and I’m starting my elimination diet tomorrow. for real. seriously.


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