radio silence.

yeah, I know it’s been a while. when we got back from Hong Kong, work just got all kinds of busy. we just submitted a massive project today and I started the next one today. no rest for the wicked. I’ve been meaning to start my elimination diet this week but with my crazy hours, I haven’t had the time or energy to cook. Monday. I’ll start it then. I promise I’ll update this weekend. I can’t write right now. I’m distracted by the Brit scrubbing the under side of our stairs.

ps. to the Australian – I was reviewing our lovely submission document last night. it looks great but I noticed a spelling error. augh! what did I tell the guys? don’t read it after its submitted! I need to follow my own advice.


One thought on “radio silence.

  1. Haha, there’s always one! I’m now spending the week retouching images. Fashion images. The same model wearing a bunch of different clothes, which means I need to retouch the same things again and again and again! I miss the free coffee.

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