Hong Kong: arrival

by our standards, the flight to Hong Kong was really short. 9 hours? nothing! it was great. I watched two movies and finished my Poirot book. we were still brain dead when we got to the airport so luckily the hotel sent a car to pick us up so we didnt have to think. we wandered to a man in a suit holding a placard with our name on it, grunted, and followed him to the limousine lounge to meet our driver. i wouldve felt more fancy and bougie walking to the limousine lounge and all but I was pretty stinky and tired and just felt like I needed a hot shower. as soon as we got in our car, we were given bottles of water and hot towels to wash our faces.

our hotel, by the way … freaking awesome. they upgraded us to a suite and it is massive and beautiful. the bathroom itself is the size of a typical Hong Kong hotel room. and the staff here are awesome. I forgot to pack my contact lenses so they are traipsing around town trying to find me a suitable disposable pair. and they sent up a moleskin notebook and pen as a welcome gift. and mini bar is free. our room was so nice that we decided to call room service and stay in. we were exhausted anyway. today we are seeing giant Buddhas and riding a cable car with a glass bottom. eek! I might pass out. and we might check out the night markets in Kowloon later. so much to do!

it’s only 4am. jet lag is a bitch.

to the Australian: good luck with the big project at work!


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