and miles to go before I sleep.

that’s what I feel like with this whole unpacking business. preach Robert Frost!

the move went well. our frenchy backpacker movers were awesome even though it took four hours. our dining table won’t fit up the stairs so its sitting in our garage and a new table is added to the list of crap we need to buy. but I love our new house. the Brit loves it more since we got our washing machine and upon discovering that the rather decent Foodworks by us is open 24 hours.

anyway, I think I finally unpacked the last of the brit’s CDs and the last of the books. the Brit will be rearranging his CDs for years to come. High Fidelity redux.

I’m watching the Brit hook up the speakers with cables that are as thick as my arm. and I’m watching to make sure he uses his $500 cable or else I’m selling that bitch on eBay.

work has been pretty busy and on top of moving I’m so ready for our trip to Hong Kong. we fly out on Wednesday morning and I am so excited. it’s going to be great. I’ll try to remember to take pictures.


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