a week …. really?

that’s how long it’s been? jeez, sorry. it was my first week back at work and it’s been tiring. we’re going to be super busy soon and I’m bracing myself for it. I’m only in the office three days this week cuz I have a 2 day InDesign course starting wednesday. I’m looking forward to it though the Brit thinks I’ll find it boring.

the Brit is packing. I finished packing all my junk but my belly button is sore today so I’m taking it easy. the Brit had a look at the incision and he says it’s fine but my belly button looks different … smaller. my doctor must’ve pulled extra hard when she was sewing the incision shut. I taped my boxes shut before the Brit could question my packing methods. like why is one shoe in one box and the matching one in another? do I really need to pack the attachment to a hair dryer I no longer have? yeah, it’s better if he doesn’t know …

I’m excited to move and ready to start our adventure in a new part of town. I think it’s no coincidence that our new house is down the street from a dog run. I’m campaigning for a puppy. the brit is sure to give in soon.


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