I hurt myself cutting the cheese.

literally. I thought a butter knife would suffice to cut myself a little slice of cheddar for lunch. I mean, why use the fancy cheese slicer I bought overseas, right? wrong. I thought I busted open my stitches. I might have to take a painkiller.

so yesterday was my big test to see if I was ready to be normal. the Brit didn’t want me unattended on public transport (or maybe just in public in general) so he went to the bank himself. but later that day, we had to make our way to the estate agent to sign our new lease. it was a dismal failure. I was fine walking to the tram. but we had to wait a few minutes for it and there was no place for me to sit. and the tram was full and I couldn’t sit so by the time we got to the stop and had to walk the rest of the way, I was feeling exhausted, sore, grouchy, and extremely frustrated with myself. thankfully the lease signing was quick. we took a taxi home but I felt so lame. I wasn’t great for the rest of the night and had to take a painkiller.

seriously, I’m not addicted to painkillers.

I found the best toddler and tiaras recap site. friggin’ hilarious. I watched this one today. reading the recap was better than the episode.
god, the Brit can’t wait til I go back to work.


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