it’s been a good weekend. the Brit has been super attentive and I’m scooting along a bit quicker … though if in a race against a granny with a walker, my money would still be on the granny.

I thought maybe I’d go back to work early but last night I was feeling quite dreadful. I had to google my symptoms to make sure they were normal. I’m feeling better today but I’m taking it easy. yesterday I was up and around, cooking myself lunch and picking things up. guess I’m not ready for that. I think I’m supposed to take my bandages off but I’m afraid to look. I think I’ll wait.

tomorrow I’m going to attempt to take a tram into the city and go to the bank. I’m scared to take an older tram because I’m a bit shaky on steps so I’ll walk a bit further to take a newer one. we have to sign our lease tomorrow and I need to bring some money. I told the Brit I can do it and he’s all like “well, we’ll see …” I’m out to prove him wrong! (I might need to call a taxi).

I’m watching midsomer murders now. it’s either that or 16 and pregnant. the write up for the latter is a girl’s dream to be a cage fighter is sidelined when she gets knocked up. tragic. you can’t make this shit up. it can only take place in the south. I bet she’s got crazy eye makeup and lives in a trailer. hmmm, a quick flick to MTV tells me nothing except that the baby daddy looks like he’s trying to grow a mustache. oh, and he can’t stay because his mom has to drive him to algebra class. tears ensue. even her mother is rolling her eyes. I’d be careful. she looks ready to drop kick her mom’s ass. oh wait. and they don’t sound southern. my guess is Wisconsin. aww, she’s bringing her newborn to the cage fighting training centre. and I swear I saw her sister in an episode of big fat gypsy weddings. what am I thinking… this is way better than midsomer murders.


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