today is better. It still takes me five minutes to walk up or down our flight of stairs but I managed to do it for the first time without the Brit helping me. my throat is still killing me from the breathing tube so eating is a challenge but I’m happy to report that I only took one pain tablet this morning. I’m scared being by myself tomorrow but I’ll be okay. the Brit will make sure I’m all set up before he leaves in the morning.

I got an email from my surgeon with the pathology report. I had two types of cysts stuck together but both were benign so that’s the best outcome. I’m relieved. the Australian brought over biscuits and tea and the brit’s mum had a bouquet of flowers delivered. it’s been a good day.

oh and I called my parents. they told me not to be such a brat or else the Brit will divorce me. such sage advice.


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