and im home.

I recovered so well from the anesthesia that they let me go home instead of staying the night. they still gave me dinner before I left and it was freaking awesome. seriously. I had a fillet steak with mushroom sauce with mashed potatoes and asparagus.

I’m a bit wobbly so I have to walk really slow and I definitely need help navigating stairs and rounding corners but I’m good (not much different from he norm). the Brit is out getting my industrial strength painkillers at the chemist now.

the worst part was waiting, getting my IV in my hand (ouch), and the taxi ride home. I think the cabbie thought the quicker he got me home the better so he was flying over speed bumps and around corners. totally didn’t do me any favours. I remember being wheeled into the operating, scooting over to the table and the next think I know, I was being woken up in recovery. I was wheeled down to my room and the brit was there waiting for me! no ill effects from the anesthesia. I just woke up feeling very parched.

so, I’m home, on the couch, feeling a bit tender and exhausted but I’m absolutely relieved it’s over. the doc said the cyst was a lot bigger than they thought (bigger that 10cm?!) but it didn’t look worrying at all.

ooh, the Brit is home with my drugs. Yay. I’m open for visitors whenever. the Brit has tomorrow off but I’m on my own on friday and all next week! I’ll have all my costume dramas lined up!


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