surgery eve.

the Brit is ordering special dinner from a mid eastern restaurant to make me happy. I’m a bit bummed cuz they moved my surgery to the afternoon which means I’ll have to spend the night at the hospital. boo. I packed my bag and I struggled with what to bring like I was going on holiday. I ended up packing two pairs of pajamas. one set looks like “normal” clothes which is what I’ll wear home. and my uggs. and a book. and a Nintendo and my iPad. I better not be bored! the Brit thinks he’s gonna spend the night in the hospital (awww) but I’ll send him home. hopefully I’ll be discharged first thing Thursday.

we will sign the lease for our new place next Monday. yesterday we handed over a depressingly large sum of cash to secure it and now it’s ours. hooray! we didn’t get the place in the city. we were beat out by someone who was willing to pay more than it was worth. oh well. I’m really happy with our place. can’t wait to move.

so that’s my news. fretting a bit about surgery but it’ll be okay. I’ll let you know how it all goes!


2 thoughts on “surgery eve.

  1. Hey! Meant to write last night, hope everything goes great with your surgery! Sarah and I will be thinking of you and Dec.

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