sorry for not updating all week. I’ve been feeling pretty ordinary and yuck all week. I’m better today but today was an action packed day for me. I’ve been cooking and prepping all day for our Filipino/ American feast at work on tuesday. I cooked a huge pot of chicken adobo, made pastry for apple pies, made a massive quantity of cheese sauce for macaroni and cheese and two trays of bibingka (coconut sticky rice dessert) are in the oven now. I’m exhausted. tomorrow I will make three blueberry pies and three apple pies and barbecued pulled pork.

I felt bad for yelling at the Brit for trying to steal two pieces of bread I set aide for my mac and cheese topping so I ended up making a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread too. it was so good we polished it off in one sitting. bye bye elimination diet.

Saturday, we went to two house inspections. one was pretty crap and the other was good. we put in an application for it but there were fifty people looking at it too so I’m not sure if we’ll get it. I walked around and tried to assess our competition and I think we’re the best (I’m being objective, of course) but it’s not up to us. I’ll try not to be gutted if we don’t get this one. I bookmarked two other properties to look at in the eventuality we don’t get this one.

that night, we saw david Attenborough live with the kiwi and other asian and it was amazing. he is amazing. I could’ve listened to him all night.

I just realised that one half of our oven is hotter than the other. one of my desserts is almost done and the other is still gooey. how does that happen and how come I’ve never noticed before? oh well. I don’t think we’ll bother to tell the property manager.


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