we’ve been up since 3 am. I have no idea what’s wrong with us.

my doctor told me to get off my elimination diet leading up to my surgery but ever since I resumed “normal” eating, I’ve felt flat and blah. I’m going to go back on it on Monday. maybe not as extreme but I hate feeling like this. it really makes me think about the chemicals in our foods.

we’re looking at yet another house today. I’m so tired of looking. my shortlist has about 19 houses on it. the brit’s shortlist has like 2. I think I’ve misunderstood the point of a shortlist.


2 thoughts on “Saturday.

  1. HEY. So so so sorry about the total lack of response recently. That was 3 so’s, for the record.

    I’ve been thinking about you both a ton but haven’t responded to any of the posts because I usually read them first thing in the morning on my phone.

    I wish I was there so we could go out for a drink. Hopefully that hasn’t been eliminated? I’ve also been doing one of those recently and have also found cutting some stuff out of my diet makes me feef significantly better. Unfortunately, the foods that make you feel bad are the best to eat. Oh well.

    The wife and I are also casually looking for a new house! Mines pretty small for the 2 of us and we might get out while the gettings good. We have been looking around but haven’t loved anything that we can afford. We started looking in Franklin and might like the thought of living there. I will keep you posted.

    When is your surgery?

  2. hey! how are you stranger? we were thinking of buying here but the prices are inflated. we were thinking of buying in Birmingham (there) and leasing it out. houses are crazy cheap there. I was looking the other day! I don’t think it’ll happen. it’s too hard to manage a property from the other side of the world.

    yes, alcohol has been eliminated along with everything else. I had a scone this morning on the way to a house inspection and I feel like shit now.

    surgery is the 29th if august. I’m excited and scared at the same time. I’ll be fine by the time you guys come and visit (!!). 🙂 and we’ll be in new digs.

    say hi to the missus!


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