hello all! the house search is shit but I’m hopeful for the properties we’re inspecting this weekend. something is bound to turn up!

I went to the doctor today. she showed me pictures of the surgery I’d be having. the book looked like it was from the seventies and reminded me of the old Julia Child cookbook my mom had in our kitchen. instead of pictures of souffles, there were pictures of ovaries, cysts, and snatches. all from the seventies. Anyway, if I wasn’t nervous before, I’m really nervous now. I’m having the surgery on the 29th of August. the Brit is going to take that day off and the next. I’ll take the following week off and then I should be right as rain.

the doctor kept me waiting for 45 minutes but luckily she had a great collection of magazines. I am all caught up in my celebrity gossip. tom and katie, kim and kanye, and britney’s comeback. it kept my mind off the pictures of vaginas littered around the office.

other than that, nothing else fun is going on. the elimination diet is still ongoing. I feel like I’m hungry all the time and I’m craving sugar. and bread. and coffee. I cheated yesterday. we forgot to take chicken out of the freezer to defrost and I couldn’t be bothered to cook so we decided to order in from the mid eastern place. I had their grilled chicken breast and rice. that night I had the WORST night’s sleep ever and today I have a headache. interesting, eh? is it the rice? the non organic chicken? or is it all coincidence?


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