a disappointing saturday.

the Brit and I traipsed around in the rain today to look at four houses and they all rated pretty high in suck factor. it’s discouraging because we’re willing to spend a lot if it’s worth it, but even in the higher price bracket, the houses were all underwhelming. we’re seeing another Monday morning, one on Wednesday and I’m gonna make an appointment to see another one in the city. we ave til December but I will stress until we find something cuz that’s what I’m like. one of the places we went to had a lift. seriously? I would’ve appreciated one of those chairs that goes up and down stairs more. maybe then I would’ve paid the premium. the Brit agrees. I’m feeling sad but I know we’ll find something.

the day wasn’t a total waste. I bought a new dress (that I didnt need) in between house viewings.

so it’s day 6 of my elimination diet. only 15 more to go. sigh. it’s going okay. being around people eating and drinking tasty things is super hard. we had a little catered event at work on Friday and I left after 20 minutes because I couldn’t stand it. I was going to give in and have a croissant and that would completely ruin the point of this diet. the Brit was eating ramen noodles and I literally drooled on myself smelling it. I’m still sick so I’m not feeling any benefits of it yet but I’m hoping that they will come. I think the first food group I get to introduce is egg. that will be a joyous day.


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