Thursday news.

tumor update: I got the exact measurements of it: 10.5cm x 8.2 x cm x 9cm. wtf?

and.. bad news for the day: we have to move. our landlord is moving his kid in. we have til December but we’re looking now. 😦


4 thoughts on “Thursday news.

  1. Good lord. That’s the size of the coffee jar we gave you… I hope it’s all sorted out very soon and as painlessly as possible.

    Terrible news about the apartment. You will be sticking around this area won’t you (that’s not a question).


  2. thanks! it’s massive and i’m freaked out by it. I have an appointment with another dr next Thursday probably to schedule my surgery.

    I’m super sad about having to move. we’d like to stay local but we’re considering Carlton and the city (maybe) too.

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