I’m home early. I have a fever (or as my mom would pronounce it : PEEbur). I woke up with one and the Brit said I felt hot and I should stay home but did I listen? noooo. the thought of being at home with a pantry and fridge full of forbidden foods sounded unpleasant. I doped myself up on cold medicine and went in. it started to wear off around noon so I decided to come home and sleep.

day 2 of the diet is okay. I was re-reading the approved foods list and saw that potatoes are on there. oh rapture! I’m going to eat like a queen tonight! today it seems a bit easier to handle the no coffee/no sugar/no dairy/no gluten/no processed food thing. I think I’m feeling too sick to care but once I can taste food again, the grouchy pants will come on!


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