Monday. elimination diet: day 1

yeah it kinda sucks. I had a cup of tea for breakfast and spinach for lunch. and spinach for snack. and olds of green tea. for dinner I had Brussels sprouts and carrots. I’m craving sugar. I’m. asking a brown rice porridge with cinnamon and a little rice malt syrup (it’s allowed cuz its not fructose). it’s for breakfast tomorrow but I may need to have a little tonight.

so how am I feeling? tired, cranky and washed out. caffeine withdrawals. and I’m sick. what started as a chest cold has now moved to my head as of this afternoon. totally sucks. I had to cheat and take some cough syrup (cheating because there’s sugar in it to give it that “delightful” raspberry flavour).

so I’m not liking this diet. I’d pay a million dollars for a bowl of chicken soup right now but I will carry on. I offered my colleague $20 for a sip of his coffee. if it weren’t for my germs, I think he would’ve taken me up in it.


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