just a quick update. my doctor called me and asked me to come in to discuss my results. she stressed that it wasn’t urgent (phew) and I’m seeing her next Thursday. I’ll know more then. I’m wondering whether I do the surgery as a public patient (Medicare) or private (using my health insurance). one will be paid and the other will most likely have me paying a small bit out of pocket (?) but I’ll have my choice of doctor. I’m leaning towards the latter but was wondering if anyone has any advice. this is my first big medical issue in Oz so I’m curious. I also decided not to say anything to my parents. I don’t want them to worry.

in other news, I’m doing lots and lots of training through work which is great. I had 2 days of advanced Illustrator ( I was totally the teacher’s pet. the numties in my class deserve a blog post all their own. thats to come). and i have a seminar on Keynote next week. then I’ll have photoshop and advanced InDesign. I’m loving it all. I also got a new work laptop so I can at least have a PC platform when doing work on templates for the everyone but I’ll still use my super Mac for most of my work.

well, time for bed for me.

peace out.


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