addendum to yesterday’s post

the Brit wants to make it clear that while the CD is called Hip Hop Anthems, he doesn’t think it’s true hip hop. I tend to agree but I like it all the same. it has Run DMC, Rob Base and Cypress Hill. it’s definitely targeted to people who think UB40 is the best reggae band ever. there’s no Public Enemy, Eric B & Rakim or Tribe Called Quest.

I think the Brit was afraid that my blogosphere of five readers would think that he has really naff taste in music. that’s actually me.


2 thoughts on “addendum to yesterday’s post

  1. I can concur that the Brit knows his Hip Hop very well. I still remeber him playing me ‘ Wrath of Kane’

  2. I read your comment to the Brit and he laughed. he totally remembers that! I have three hip hop anthem CDs and there’s no big daddy kane. the Brit says “criminal.”

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