grouchy bullets.

it’s cold. the heater in our bedroom is broken. and the Brit is still at work and i expect him to be there for a very long time. add that all up and you get a grumpy American that is too grouchy to write proper prose.

// supposed to start elimination diet. can’t do it until the preggars colleague leaves. she eats all the time and likes to share. I have no willpower.

// massive spending spree yesterday. I have $300 to last me until pay day. what did I buy? two tickets to hong kong.

// we’re going to hong kong in october for a mini romantic holiday! happy bday brit!

// with only $300, I realised that I had to reschedule my ultrasound for the next week. you can see where my priorities are. (in my defense, my doctor is 99% certain that nothing is wrong and it’s mittelschmerz)

// the Brit and I refer to my condition as metal smurfs

// the heater in our bedroom broke. on the coldest night ever (well, the coldest night i can remember). totally sucks.

// officially passed my six month probation. expected balloons and a marching band upon my arrival at work. got nothing.

// told my mom about my health problems. her response? “when you have intercourse but don’t have babies, it’s not natural and that’s why it hurts.” wtf. first off, that makes NO sense. second, I feel all funny when my mom says the word “intercourse” ewwww.

// dammit. I just emailed the Brit to see how he’s going. I’m trying not to bother him cuz he’s stressing about this deadline. but I’m SO.NEEDY.

// if the Brit replies back with one word, he’s stressed/grouchy/super busy

// supposed to have date night on Saturday but the Brit has to (wait for it) WORK.

// did I mention that I’m grouchy?

// omg. the Brit said he’s nearly finished! better go and clean up a bit.

// amazing what a mess I make when I’m on my own.


4 thoughts on “grouchy bullets.

  1. Hooray for Hong Kong! The Kiwi and I will be there Oct 30th – Nov 4th.

  2. we’ll be there 10 Oct to 14 Oct. where are you staying? I’ll book the hotel in a couple of weeks. I’m thinking about the peninsula but might change my mind.

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