it’s 4.30am and we’re up.

well, actually, it’s 5.30 but we’ve been up since 4.30. the Brit left for work already and I’m sipping coffee, thinking about my day. I have a list of things to do today:

– quilting
– tv (I’m watching celebrity antiques roadshow right now. good lord.)
– eat leftover pizza

speaking of quilts, I haven’t gotten very far on it but will get a huge portion done this weekend.


I’m not in the mood for going out even though I should go to jasper and buy some coffee. maybe tomorrow. or not.

the week has been sort of quiet but I’ve had lots of meetings and luncheons so I feel like I’ve been busy. this could possibly be the last weekend the Brit works as his project finishes on Wednesday. i have my fingers crossed. i miss him. I am designing a brochure for work that is A5 in size but unfolds to an A3 poster with an infographic on it. I wanted it to be an A2 poster but I don’t think I have enough content. I might work on it a bit this weekend. I’m THAT excited about it.

im still not feeling great. I went to the doctor on Tuesday to discuss the mysterious cyst. I went to a new GP who had a bedside manner similar to Lillith from Cheers. she did a whole battery of tests. she doesn’t think it’s a cyst at all and mid ovulation pain. the term for it is mittelschmerz which sounds more like a German pastry than a medical condition. there’s not really anything I can do except take pain killers and use a heating pad for when it gets bad. I can go on the pill again but that’s my last resort. it’s not that bad yet. she also gave me a diet to try to see if it helps. it doesn’t look like fun but I’ll give it a try soon. so I’m relieved it’s nothing serious but bummed that it’s something I may possibly have to deal with every month. the doctor said that it may not occur every month and that’s what I’m hoping for but I’ll try the diet, eat more whole foods and see where that leaves me.

so that’s what I’ve been up to. still reading little dorrit. I love it. but not as much as our mutual friend. im also reading a mary higgins clark book. I’m totally loving jack white’s blunderbuss and seasick steve (i dont know which album i have) and Puccini.I’ve been listening to them everyday for the past week. I’ve been watching a lot of the Ricky Gervais Show, Toddlers and Tiaras, and art documentaries by waldemar januszczak. and I’m eating lots of brussel sprouts and healthy stuff but I had pizza last night for dinner. it’s all about balance. yin yang.

it’s 6.14am and the crazy Chinese lady who lives around the corner from us has started yelling at her husband (shes really loud for a tiny lady). that means it’s time to start my day.


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