my project finished on Thursday and the team celebrated with a messy night in the city on Friday. we started drinking at noon and it went downhill from there. I left them at 6pm and they had already gone through eight bottles of wine and countless beers. I was well drunk but not nearly as bad as the others. they carried on until 2 am. I can only imagine the celebration if we win the project.

I was looking forward to a quiet week but another project came in Friday night and it’s due this Friday so it’s another busy one. the Brit is super busy as always, working all hours under the sun. he’ll be like that until mid July. poor bugger.

I passed my six months probation early. my manager submitted paperwork last month but they won’t process it until the six months is actually up but I’m happy. work is really good.

I’ve moved on to my next quilt. this one will take a while because I plan on doing some intricate hand quilting. it’s a Japanese inspired one. I started cutting the fabric last night. can’t wait to get stuck in.

I’m also suffering from a nasty cold. yuck. the good news is that the Brit didn’t catch it so he can still go in and work the weekends and leave me at home to feel sorry for myself (yeah, priorities, right?). I hope to be better by the weekend.

so that’s what’s going on in my exciting life. my parents are going to the Philippines in October or November and are planning to come here to visit. being retired with no fixed deadline to return to America means that the could stay here for weeks. That’s a scary thought. the Brit would love it. me? not so much. I’ll know more soon since i offered to pay for their flights. I can’t believe I offered. I half expected them to refuse.

speaking of parentals, my dad has twice as many Facebook friends as I do. I totally feel lame. I was going to update my Facebook status on saturday and mention how I don’t remember how i got home the night before and that i was giving up binge drinking but then i remembered that dear old dad was my friend. he wouldnt be amused. so I’ve been quiet. my sister has been too which is unlike her but then I saw that my dad friended her too. my parents live on the other side of the world and they still cramp my style. jeez, I can’t wait til they visit. I better book in with a therapist now to pre empt the mental wear and tear of having my mother nearby for an extended length of time.


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