I had my weekly phone chat with my mom. she’s great.

my mom the self esteem builder
me: hi mom!
mom: hi honey. what time is it there?
me: 5am. the Brit is leaving for work soon.
mom: you must make him mad because he’d rather work in a Saturday than spend time with you.

my mom the technology guru
mom: did you watch American idol?
me: no
mom: I voted for the Filipino girl fifty times on the computer.
me: really?
mom: yes. i used the world wide web. do you use it?

my mom the cheerleader
me: work is super busy and it’s all a bit stressful at the moment because I want to a good job
mom: you better or else they’ll fire you and the Brit will divorce you so do a good job.

my mom the graphic designer
mom: I sent your sister a birthday card but it wasn’t pretty enough so I put some glitters on it. dad helped me make her name in glitters.
me: glitters?
mom: yes, everything looks better with glitters.

she’s awesome isn’t she?

in other news, work is crazy at the moment. we have another freelance designer in to help me typeset. I like being super busy though. I feel productive and I do my best work under pressure. I offered to come in this weekend but I wasn’t needed. so I’m quilting. I’m so excited because I got my fancy thimble and quilting frame in the post the other day. the thimble is great but I haven’t used the frame yet. I need a wrench to assemble it and I was bitterly disappointed when I realised we didn’t have one. I shouldn’t have been surprised. we just got a hammer last year. I was using shoes and rolling pins to hammer things in place. anyway, once I get that thing assembled, I’ll be all set up! I swear I’ve aged rapidly in the past year. we went on a river cruise and now I’ve taken up quilting. what’s next? I already watch antiques roadshow.


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