quilts, work and cysts, oh my! or, where i’ve been …

ah, a bit quiet on the ol’ blog. but i feel like i have good excuses but upon reviewing them in my head before i commit them to virtual paper, they seem pretty lame.

so where have i been?

the short answer is here. but i’ve been occupied. literally. a cyst decided to do an Occupy movement in my ovary (that may be a bit tmi, sorry). i’ve been suffering sharp stabbing pains like i’ve never experienced before so i quickly called up disco doctor. he looked very grave when he told me i most likely had a cyst so i thought for sure it wasn’t a good kind. and then he said “the bad news is that it’ll make it very difficult to conceive children.” and i waited to hear the bad news but that was it. turns out that it’ll all be okay. it should go away on its own but i have to check back in after two months to make sure. the stabbing pain has ceased for the most part (except at night sometimes) so i think it’s all good now but i wasn’t good (mentally) for a while with all sorts of “worst case scenarios” floating through my head.

i’ve been doing a lot of quilting. i do a bit of it every night. my stitches are getting better – more even and smaller and uniform. i ordered a quilting frame and super fancy thimble so i think it’ll get even better. i feel so lame. instead of spending money each month on clothes, i spend money on quilting supplies. but i love it. i find it so relaxing and with everything going on with my health, it was my mental sanctuary. i think i’m half done quilting it but it’s hard to tell because i was so random but it’s turning out a treat. i have fabric on its way for another one i’m making for my colleague’s baby shower. this one will be easier to do because it’ll be much smaller than the massive queen size one i’m working on now. i’m on a quilting frenzy!! kiwi, australian and other asian … you might be getting quilts for christmas!

and then there’s work. oy. it’s busy. the brit has been working every weekend til late unless we have some event we bought tickets for ages ago. i’ve been pretty busy too. our company is currently doing a restructure. i don’t know if i talked about it before but “restructure” is a dirty word because it usually means redundancies. i know we’re safe because we are needed but i’m afraid my reporting line will change. i may, in fact, start reporting to the brit which would be way better than reporting to this other lady who i technically should report too. she’s a dumb ass and completely disorganised. she asked me the other day what the yellow things on her screen are called. i walked over to her computer to see what she was talking about (because i had no fucking clue) and i sighed and said “folders” (she had her explorer window open). she is also sort of a biatch. well, not “sort of”…. she IS. she actually engaged with an outside graphic design company to design a project when she had two designers sitting around (me and the proper one). she did it because she doesn’t like my colleague and therefore doesn’t like me because she thinks we’re in cahoots. did i mention she’s a dumb ass? I don’t think my current manager would do that to me though. we should know what’s going on by 1 July. i’m pretty sure that i’ll be working side by side with the Brit though.

and that’s what’s been going on. now that i’m feeling better, i’ll be around more. the brit actually is not going into the office today because we have an opera (hooray) but he’s going in tomorrow (bugger).

and now a matter of housekeeping:

garrett: i thought about you a lot yesterday. i wanted so much to be there to share in your joy. the brit and i have been thinking for months now about what to get you. you should know that i love you so much and would walk through fire for you so the brit and i didn’t think a butter dish from your registry would suffice. i agonised yesterday about the fact that we didn’t have a gift for you yet but the brit told me to tell you that your wedding gift is here waiting and you and your lovely wife have to come here to get it. deal?

the australian, the kiwi and other asian: i miss you.


4 thoughts on “quilts, work and cysts, oh my! or, where i’ve been …

  1. Glad you’re feeling better. We’ll have to catch up and do some movie marathons while Kelvin’s living it up in London and Italy (he’s back in early June…).

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