three blog questions today.

you can only have five meals for the rest of your life. what would they be?
1. bulgur/lentil kofte
2. tandoori chicken
3. vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting (is that a meal?)
4. fattoush with haloumi
5. bean and cheese papusa

i’d like brussel sprouts as a side with each meal (even the cupcakes) because I am seriously addicted to them.

what is your favourite book?
only one? too hard. my top 5:
1. to kill a mockingbird Harper Lee
2. our mutual friend Charles Dickens
3. the bluest eye Toni Morrison
4. pride and prejudice Jane Austen
5. cloudy with a chance of meatballs

describe the most intense weather you have ever been in.
I was working in a beer tent during a tornado … except we didnt realise what was going on because the tornado didn’t touch down near us. it was just super windy and portable toilets were blown over. four of us were stationed at each corner of the tent to hold it down. I’ve driven through blizzards before but that’s Michigan living. monsoon season in the philippines is intense(ly boring and depressing).


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