one of the project managers came out of a meeting today and told me that he was going to make my life hell for the next six weeks. i guess that means i’m on a big project. that’s good. it’s been pretty quiet at work and the lack of anything to do has been making me stir crazy. i’ve at least had a chance to catch up on some admin work.

other than that, not much else is going on. i made an apple pie and blueberry pie on tuesday and brought them in to work with me. my friend brought in papusas and they were sooo good. it’s next to impossible to get authentic latin american food and these papusas taste just like the kind we used to get in mexican town in detroit. it’s been a bad week for eating. i’ve been eating a lot of junk and i’ve had a food baby growing for the past few days. time to eat healthy again. i’m feeling like a lump. i’ll start next week … we have a team lunch at Number 8 at the Crown on Friday so i’m writing this week off.

okay, time for bed for me. but i thought i’d share this video for you. we were watching it today at work (i told you, we aren’t busy) and it blew my mind.


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