there I was. all proud of an interactive PDF I created in InDesign, showing the Brit all the bells and whistles. and he was like “I don’t like that font” and “so you didn’t want to it this way to make it more user friendly?” I tried to explain why I did things the way I did but I felt utterly deflated. this is one of the reasons I love the Brit. his brutal honesty and criticisms of my work make me better. and out of ten design jobs, he’ll really only critique one and love the rest. and I know he means well. but some days I can’t handle it. PMS. need I say more? to be fair, I should’ve warned him before he started offering me advice. my eyes started to well up and I started thinking to myself “I can’t believe I’m about to cry. I’m such a freak” but I couldn’t help it. I think the Brit noticed cos now he’s being extra nice to me and complimenting me on that stupid brochure I’m doing for my freelance client. “maybe he’ll want an interactive one since you’re so good at it.” pfft.

today’s blog question:

what does the smell of wet paint remind you of?

the Brit: chemicals that make my headache.

me: the very first house I bought. it makes me happy.

I’m sure you can see who the sensitive one is tonight.


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