back to work and I’ve been sleepy all day! designing interactive PDFs has been driving me crazy so I’m grouchy and the Brit is sleepy too so we’re breaking our run of cooking dinner and ordered some food.

the Brit has two massive projects at work with 10 week deadlines so he’ll be a busy bee for the next two months. I hope he won’t have to work weekends but I know it’s inevitable. I’ve made a promise that I’m going to try to not be grouchy because he’s not entertaining me. I’m stocking on books and trashy movies to keep me distracted. I have a couple big projects starting next week for me so I’ll be busy too but I won’t work weekends (my manager doesn’t like me to). but I’ll have this bleeding freelance job that I didn’t do this weekend (I left the pile of shoes untouched too).

the weekend was grand (besides the brit working). we’ve been watching a BBC soap opera-like thing from the 90s called berkeley square. it’s totally dated and cheesy (it takes place in the Edwardian times) but I love it. I’m halfway through both my books and I got caught up on project runway. I also made hot cross buns. we didn’t have the right kind of flour so I used self raising which made them a bit dense. my crosses were more like blobs. my dough didnt really rise (the lesson here is to pay attention to the “sell by” date I think). they were still yummy though and we ate them and the laid on the couch with bricks of dough in our tummy (doesn’t sound very appetising but they really were very yummy).

anyway, today’s blog topic is this:
if you could visit anywhere in the world where would it be?

me: hey. are the hanging gardens of Babylon for real…like can I go and see them?
the Brit: um, I think you can go where they think the once were but I doubt it.
me: bah. I’m still going to say that’s where I’d go
the Brit: but it doesn’t exist. that’s dumb.
me: but the question is could visit implying that it would exist because I could go there …
the Brit:that makes no sense. do you talk like this in public?
me: fine. I’m going to say David Attenborough’s house for tea.
the Brit: yeah. just don’t talk much.

note: the Brit told me that if I said “the hanging gardens of Babylon in the year 600 BC” then that would be acceptable. but not for me. they didn’t have real toilets back then and I’m sure they ate weird things. I also called the emperor that built them Nicodemus like the rat sage in the secret of Nimh. the Brit was amused.


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